Early Season Preview With Kanati Creek Outfitters

Kanati Creek Outfitters is situated at the north fork of the Red River banks and surrounding mesquite country of Southwest Oklahoma. Bordered by milo, corn, wheat, alfa and peanuts, this area is known for producing big bucks and lots of them. With deer season fast approaching, owners Cory and Cade Gordon are staying busy running cameras, working on food plots, and doing early season scouting to ensure another successful season. Cade took some time to talk to us about the upcoming season and what to expect.

What This Year's Drought Means For Us

We are in an extreme drought this year. That may bring concern for most people, but for us it's the perfect recipe for a stellar season. There are two major advantages that come into play during a drought year on our properties. First, mesquite trees go into overdrive producing bean pods and whitetail absolutely love them as it's a great source of protein through the summer and fall. Gotta love Mother Nature's way of providing during those extreme conditions.

Secondly, all of our main properties have consistent water - whether it be the river that runs through the properties or the natural spring-fed ponds and streams. Even in drought, we always have water. When the rest of the surrounding properties go dry, the numbers of deer and other wildlife that migrate down to our properties increases dramatically. Come Thanksgiving and peak rut, we expect a full-blown battle for turf - making for some intense rut hunts.  Years like this you may rattle-up 15-20 bucks per sit. There won't be a single square inch of sandbar that's not covered in deer tracks.  

Getting Ready

This time of the year is all about gathering intel on our properties. Dozens of cameras are deployed so we can get a feel for where our bachelor groups (that our hitlist bucks have associated themselves with) are located. Over the years, we have noticed that our target bucks usually stay in the same general area during the fall as where they spent their summer. It's also the area we feel that they are most comfortable returning to during parts of the rut. We put a lot of hours walking through thick brush, trimming limbs on bow stands, and preparing fall food kill plots. Personally, I utilize Vycah Field Pants this time of year  because they're super cool during these hot months and very durable. With some of the rough terrain we navigate, these pants are without a doubt up for the challenge. 

Early Season Action In The Stand

Early season is a fantastic time to clock hours in the bow stand to get a shot on your big bucks. Staying quiet, comfortable, and cool during those long hours can be a challenge transitioning from the brisk mornings to scorching afternoons in October.  I'm a hoodie guy and I find that the Zenyx line paired with a stealth hoodie is the perfect combo for early season bow hunts.  I can sit all afternoon with the Zenyx pants and shirt and be concealed, quiet and comfortable.

Keep Your Sweat Scent Down

During the day it's important that I'm not pouring sweat, which is a huge advantage for up-close encounters with those mature bucks. A lot of times the deer will show up right at dark and it will start to cool-off pretty fast, so being able to slip-on the Stealth Hoodie quietly allows me to be warm enough to comfortably sit another couple of hours after dark until the deer clear out of the food plot - another trick to keeping low pressure on a deer.

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About Kanati Creek Outfitters

Kanati Creek is a grassroots outfitter service offering a lifetime of experience and knowledge to provide you the best deer, turkey, and hog hunting in SW Oklahoma. Visit Kanati Creek Outfitters on Facebook or call Cade at (318) 918-0507 to Schedule your hunt.