Early Season Camo

Early season bucks are about as predictable as it gets, making it a great time to get out and chase that trophy before hunting pressure and the rut scatters him to the winds. In some areas, early-season hunting can also mean braving triple digit temperatures. Vycah's goal was to make a collection of early season camo pieces that focus on comfort and breathability, allowing you to sit longer when those late summer rays are at their peak. Our result, the Zenyx Collection.

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Ventilation is Key

In order to allow our early season camo to cool you in the heat, the apparel has to have ways to dissipate the heat. With our early season Zenyx Collection, we have included multiple ventilation chambers to do just that. The tops on the Zenyx collection include porous mesh in the armpits and down the sides, where the arms rest against the torso, allowing a heat escape where you need it most. The Zenyx pants are designed with a similar stretch mesh in the crotch and inner thighs, as well as a zippered ventilation release down the outer thighs. Allow the air to flow in and out, working for the hunter as a cooling feature.

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Lightweight Breathable Material

The focus of the Zenyx collection was to find the lightest materials available, while still providing a level of SPF protection. The polyester blends used focus on the perfect combination of breathability and stretch.

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Silence is Deadly

Early season hunting usually means bow hunting. As with all Vycah pieces our intent was to let movement in the stand go without sound. The Zenyx Collection is no different, allowing silent movement so you're clothing will not get you busted by even the closest deer.

hunting gear in use

Minimize Odor

The human body is not the most pleasant smell to wild game, especially as temperatures soar and the body sweats. The built in ventilation and light weight materials of our early season camo will minimize and dissipate sweat, and we've also built in a charcoal infused polyester to provide anti-microbial odor protection.

hunting gear in use

Early SeasonZenyx Pants

For the early season hunter, it’s all about high risk/high reward. If you’re willing to brave the bugs and heat the payoff can be huge. Vycah’s Zenyx Pant is designed to make those early season hunts a breeze. Designed with built-in zippered hip vents, and heat release strips throughout, the Zenyx will help minimize sweat and maximize comfort.

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