Vycah Zenyx Shirt Gen 2 - Deep Woods Camo

Vycah Zenyx Shirt Gen 2 - Deep Woods Camo

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Early season bucks are about as predictable as it gets, making it a great time to get out and chase that trophy before hunting pressure and the rut scatters him to the winds. In some areas, early-season hunting can also mean braving triple digit temperatures.  Vycah’s Zenyx Shirt is built to tackle that heat and provide relief in all the right places. Made from an extremely lightweight polyester bamboo blend, it’s soft mesh fabric cools in all the right places, and a front zipper allows for even more ventilation. 


  • Lightweight Polyester Bamboo Blend
  • ¼ Zip For Ventilation
  • Vented Mesh Lining In Armpits And Under Sleeves
  • Max Stretch
  • 30+ SPF Sun Protection

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